Play to win with Private or Group Clinics

Fundamentals for beginners

• Because Isy teaches so many 4.0-4.5 players, he if often asked if he teaches the basics or the fundamentals. Of course! He teaches all levels. If you are just beginning or haven’t played in a while, Isy is for you. If you are trying to move up a level, Isy is for you. If you are trying to win more, Isy is for you! He also has many children for clients – he teaches all ages!

Doubles Strategy

• Isy loves doubles. He is a 5.0 player and loves to play men’s doubles, and mixed doubles. He believes in a strategy, he believes in calling plays, he believes in winning. If you want to up your doubles game, Isy Clinics are for you. Bring your partner with you – your combined game will elevate.

Singles Strategy

• Tennis is a mental game. Isy loves to teach players how to win, and how to mentally prepare, along with technique, if you desire to up your game in singles, call Isy.

Junior Development

• Isy Tennis offers private and group clinic instruction for Junior Tennis. Isy has many junior clients who compete all over Maryland. If your Junior players wants to up their game, come to Circle D and book time with Isy.

Serve Technique

• Is your head spinning from too many serve tactics from other pros? If so, come to Isy and he will break the instruction down to simple strategies to improve your serve.

Match Play Tactics

• This is where the fun begins! Bring forth your tennis questions and in a clinic with other matched levels, you can learn tactics to elevate your game. Isy clinics are a favorite among his Clients.