5 Frequent Questions About Starting to Play Tennis

When someone finds out what I do for a living, within 5 minutes, I usually get asked the same question. That question is ‘How do I pick up the game of tennis”?

People often tell me they simply do not know how to get started. I have had several clients ask me to include information on my tennis website on how to begin. Below are five questions that people usually ask about the game or about tennis lessons.

The first question is ‘where’ can I take lessons? Fortunately, where I teach tennis there are multiple options. Circle D Tennis Club is in Woodbine, Maryland. I have been giving tennis lessons for over 20 years at Circle D Tennis Club and we have both indoor and outdoor tennis courts. No matter the season, you can start playing!

A second frequent question people ask about getting started is – do I need to go out and purchase a racquet or purchase an expensive tennis racquet? The answer is no!  I have plenty of tennis racquets for you to try if you are a beginner. And to be perfectly candid, tennis is not really about the racquet - it’s more about learning the fundamentals; the grip, the swing, your positioning. All these fundamentals can be learned regardless of your racquet. So, if you want to learn the game and don’t have a tennis racquet, book a lesson and come on out – I can get you started!

A third frequent question I am often asked about tennis in Howard County is – do I need to be a certain level to take tennis lessons or tennis clinics? My response to you this - if you want to improve your tennis game at any level I am here for you. I have been a teaching tennis pro for over 20 years and I can honestly say helping all levels improve their tennis game is what motivates me as a tennis coach. Seeing a junior tennis player become mentally tougher after lessons is thrilling for me as a teaching pro. Seeing someone pick up a tennis racquet at age 40 and begin to play and progress makes my heart sing. Seeing a doubles team that comes to me for match play tactics and strategy is even more fun as a Howard county tennis pro. And seeing someone just simply enjoy the game and want to go out and play is just as exciting. Tennis is a wonderful sport for any age and improving your individual tennis game, doubles game or team game is something I have dedicated the past 20 years doing. Helping all levels improve is what makes me excited to be a Maryland Tennis pro and tennis instructor.

A fourth question I often get is why does it seem hard to book a lesson? I teach in Western Howard County – and I have clients come for tennis lessons from Mt. Airy, Columbia, Woodbine, Glenelg, Glenwood, Frederick, and even Washington DC. My clients live in PG County, Frederick County, Howard County, and Carrol County. Believe it or not, there are not a lot of tennis pros available and a good pro often gets booked. Woodbine is centrally located between Frederick and Columbia and therefore I draw a lot of business from around this area. And many good tennis teaching pros get booked because clients get hooked on the game. Tennis is so fun and learning about the game becomes addictive! But I always have room and make room for those that love the game – so please come on out, no matter where you live, we will find time to help you learn and improve your game!

And the last question I often get asked about taking tennis lessons is – how long should I take lessons? I have some clients that have been coming to me for ten years, and I have some that have come for just a few months. Tennis, like many other sports, is all about what you put into it. It’s always fun to work on your game, learn fundamentals, and keep improving, but how often you take lessons is up to you and your goals.

I simply love the game, I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and lasted working in an office for less than a year. I simply loved being on the court. I always excelled at the game and love sharing my knowledge. Most of my clients that started out as beginners with me are now playing at very high levels and that gives me great joy. Tennis allows myself, and my clients, the chance to, at any age, work on a fun game, provide an athletic experience, and keep us all in shape! No matter your level, location, or racquet status, come on out and play, tennis is a wonderful game and I would love to help you up your game!