Welcome To Isy Tennis

Isy is a Maryland tennis pro that provides straightforward tennis instruction to improve your game. He has a degree in Civil Engineering, but a PhD in winning. He differs from other pros - his instruction focuses on the strategy behind winning, both mentally and physically. With simple, straightforward tennis instruction, Isy offers straightforward strategies on how to play, improve, and ultimately win. Isy offers instruction at Circle D Tennis Club located in Woodbine, Maryland with Clients from all MD counties. Contact Isy at 410.905.4392 or at


"His straightforward teaching techniques broke through the clutter of all the instruction in my head and taught me how to play to win." - Traci S.

"He always has solid advice that's geared to your level, but he really pushes you to see the big picture and play with your head." - Ellen V.

"He has worked with every member of my family. He is patient, gives great instruction, and makes tennis a blast! "- Valerie P.

"He changed my doubles game and helped me to become more confident on the court." - Amy K.

"High energy, high paced competition, but we have loads of fun while improving our tennis game." - Mike S.